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The Department of Health is the regulative body of the Healthcare Sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. It shapes the regulatory framework for the health system, inspects against regulations and enforces standards.

45 healthcare facilities across Abu Dhabi are available to provide meningococcal, seasonal influenza and pneumococcal Hajj vaccines for UAE citizens.[1] and residents free of charge.

The Department introduced premarital screening and counselling in 2011. 56,226 men and women preparing for marriage were tested for genetic and infectious disorders were tested between 2011 and the end of 2014. in 2014 16,247 people were tested, 342 were Beta-thalassaemia careers, 8 had sickle-cell anaemia, 205 were sickle-cell anaemia careers, 36 had syphilis and 140 had hepatitis B.

In April 2015 the authority shut down four unnamed healthcare centres in the emirate after the introduction of hospital rating initiative Jawda under which facilities are graded in 200 areas. 421 audit visits were carried out in 2014. They discovered failures in the 4 healthcare centres to comply with room disinfection standards, cleanliness, medical device quality control standards, mixing sterile and non-sterile tools and storing medical files improperly

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